Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that during this time, it is likely you have many questions. Below we feature some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed below, feel free to contact us to ask your question directly. We are here to help and answer any questions you may have.

I think I’m pregnant, but I’m on the pill. What should I do?

It’s rare, but possible to get pregnant while on the pill. You will need to take a lab quality urine test to ensure your pregnancy. If it’s positive, an ultrasound will best confirm the viability of your pregnancy.

Why should I come in to be tested if I’ve already taken an at-home pregnancy test?

When making these tough life decisions, it’s important to have factual and accurate information to go off of. When you take a pregnancy test at Options Pregnancy Clinic of Ava, the test you receive is a lab-quality, high-sensitivity urine tests with instant results. These tests are generally up to 99% accurate and done in a clinical and private setting. We also confirm pregnancy tests with an ultrasound to ensure the vitality of your pregnancy.

Bottom Line: We can provide you with accurate information about your current situation. From there we can provide you with your options and offer support. You don’t have to go through this situation alone.

I am not 18. Does a parent have to come with me to my appointment?

No, you may come in alone or with a trusted friend or family member – whichever you are most comfortable with. Even though you are a minor, you have the right to confidential help. We can’t provide your records to any person without written authorization from you.

I had unprotected sex last night. Can I come in for a pregnancy test?

No, but you can come in to discuss your options. The hormones in your body that result in a positive pregnancy test will not be detected until 9 to 11 days after fertilization. Please wait until after that period of time, and then we have set an appointment for a pregnancy test.

Do I have to have insurance for a pregnancy test or ultrasound?

No, all of our services are free. You will need to bring a photo ID (a driver’s license or student ID will work) to protect your confidentiality.

Can I get the morning after pill at Options Pregnancy Center of Ava?

We do not offer the morning-after pill, or Plan B. But, we can certainly provide you with information on how this pill works and discuss your options.

Can I get an abortion at Options Pregnancy Center of Ava?

We do not refer or perform abortions. We can provide you with pregnancy options counseling.

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